Saliba Auto Center offers a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance services at less cost:

1. Membership:

By subscribing to out Programs, you have the choice to benefit from each of the following options:

a. The Maintenance Plus Program

This program covers a scheduled service of 4 visits per year.
In addition, you will benefit from a complete labour coverage for any repair at any time between the check-up visits except damages arising from accidents and wheel alignments.

b. The Maintenance Program

This program covers a scheduled service of 4 visits per year only .
What will the labor charges cost?
Car Category
Maintenance Program
Maintenance + Program
4 cylinders
US$ 100
US$ 165
5/6 cylinders
US$ 135
US$ 190
8 cylinders
US$ 190
US$ 240
Parts and lubricants could be supplied by yourselves or will be charged separately.

We take care of the Government "Mecanique" control!
we offer to pick up your vehicle, execute a general check-up in our garage, drive it to the official mecanique Control Center, get the official clearance certificate and deliver it back to you.

This service is offered to everybody, member or non members . The prices are 12$ for members and US$ 28.- for non members, excluding the government official "Mecanique" fees of US$ 13.- (LL. 20,000).

Optional services
Car pick up and drop off: US$ 10 / visit within greater Beirut
Polishing and waxing and upholstery cleaning upon request.
For whom Saliba Auto Center services are designed?
For Individuals (car owner) who want to adhere to an economical program to save on time and money.
For Groups or companies who want to discharge their team from all the above tasks and who are looking for a trustful and reliable repair center to take in charge the maintenance and repair services of their cars.
Groups with more than 50 cars will benefit from a special price group.

Because we want to deliver a service of quality, we have limited the number of our subscribers.

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2. General Maintenance

Any car needs a general and serious maintenance. Saliba Auto Center skilled technicians are trained on all the latest technologies to tackle any auto repair and maintenance needs. They deal easily with brand new cars and understand sophisticated car engines and systems.

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3. Mechanical repairs

Precise diagnostic and testing are the keys to efficient repairs. Guess work could be very expensive. By following systematically the instructions on your car's workshop manual, our qualified team can tackle all the problems that might occur to your car. Pin pointing the damaged component and replacing minimizes the cost and time of repair.

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4. Electronic fuel injection special shop
Electronic fuel injection (EFI) is nowadays present in all cars on the road and the performance of your car depends on it. Any minor problem that you even can't notice could affect fuel economy and will eventually result in a major one. Saliba Auto Center latest technology tools and equipment can detect any minor electronic problem and rectify it in time before it becomes a serious and costly repair. Our contacts with the International Automotive Technicians Association (IATN) and the National Aftermarket Parts Association (NAPA) keep us up to date with all the novelties in EFI testing and help us share the experience of thousands of technicians around the world, within the same field.
5. Automatic transmission special shop
Most cars are equipped with automatic gearboxes and need specialized and experienced technicians to handle them. Our data bank in auto transmission contains information for all makes and models and is regularly updated.

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