Saliba Auto Center: Your complete auto repair and maintenance specialists!

Saliba Auto Center, the leading auto repair and maintenance center in Lebanon, provides all car owners with unique, high-quality and friendly services.
Established in 1985, Saliba Auto Center objective is to release you from constraints you have to assume all the year through for the proper running condition of your car. Repair works, maintenance services, expensive labour fees, car preparation control and payment of the obligatory Government "Mecanique" taxes… Saliba Auto Center discharges you from all these time-consuming tasks and keep your car running smoothly at low cost.

Member of the International Automotive Technicians Network (IATN) and the National Aftermarket Parts Association (NAPA), Saliba Auto Center has a permanent access to their latest data, repair techniques, and diagnostic equipment to ensure the best results at an affordable cost.

Saliba Auto Center represents and uses the latest diagnostic and technical equipment, outshining the competition in auto repair and maintenance field mainly:

- Autologic (Diagnos - United Kingdom)
- Vedis from Autoland (Scientech - Taiwan)
- Genisys (OTC - USA)
- Tech II (Vetronix - USA)
- Mastertech (Vetronix - USA)

Bring your car in and see for yourself! 

   Designed and developed by ITEC (Innovative Technology) - Written and Directed by Zena Sara Naffah